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Carburettor to Fuel Injection Conversions

All engines can be converted from carburettor to fuel injection and we've done plenty, from classic Triumphs and Minis, to VW Beetles. You'll join a world of easy starting, better power and fuel consumption and of course cleaner emissions.

Most of the vehicles fitted with webers in the 60s/70s were performance cars, petrol was cheap and owners weren’t to bothered on MPG figures, emission’s were terrible and engine life was limited. But things have changed and we now have the ability to solve all of the consumption and emmision problems, by fitting fuel injection.  Fuel injection enables us to get all of the power out of the engine with low emission’s and yet still delivers fantastic drivability.

On some engines we can keep the distributor, this will keep it looking authentic, there are fuel injection bodies based on DCOE carbs these look great and are easily fitted to inlet manifold’s.

For all these systems we need a high pressure feed system, pumps can be fitted in the tanks, in the boot or under the vehicle.

E type Jaguar electronic fuel injection conversion

We're particularly proud of this conversion, based on the Jenvey Heritage DCOE throttle body which is a single twin throttle body. It includes a built in fuel rail, injectors, extension looms to bring the injector connector to the underside of the throttle body and a hidden internal throttle position sensor, and suits the six cylinder perfectly.

E type Jaguar electronic fuel injection conversion

Aston Martin DBS fuel injection conversion

This was a one off conversion of the original Brico Fuel Injection system which is often very problematic, to the extent that there's less than 10 Brico equipped cars on the road today. We successfully modified the system to run on modern components.

Aston Martin DBS fuel injection conversion

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